Birthday notification

I am using the "preview" Skype version 2.6. Today i noticed that Skype warned me about the birthday of a Norwegian friend. He pointed out that this nice feature already exists in Pamela*! When you have more than 1500 Skype contacts like my crazy friend Jan, the notifications are a real nuisance. It would therefore be nice if you could "untick" this feature, but this isn't possible yet.
*Pamela is a very nice add-on for Skype: answering machine, call recording and 100 other features.


Nafcom said...

A screnshot of the moment you receive the birthday notifcation in Skype without Pamela would be nice :)

Jean Mercier said...

Well, I was too late. It was a red flag, i saw the notification, clicked on it, and the notification was gone!

Nafcom said...

@Jean: Nice you have made it possible anyway :)