Skype Journal independence?

Skype Journal is certainly the most popular independent Skype Blog! I love to check what they write, although in my opinion some of the posts of the last year are not to the point anymore: too general or not enough related to Skype.

But what did I say? Independent Skype Blog? Apparently not anymore!

Jim Courtney wrote the following, concerning the third anniversary contest of Skype: There are prizes offered; Skype Journal editors are not eligible even if we are not Skype employees. He emphasizes the "not"!

And then in the next post Phil Wolff, editor in chief of Skype Journal says that he met Jaanus Kase, chief Skype Blogger in Oakland earlier this year to talk enterprise blogging.

Why would the Skype Journal editors not be eligible for prizes if they are not involved in the Skype business in some way? It looks like they probably made some collaboration agreements! In exchange for what?

EDITED on 2006/08/30: Phil provided a response in the comments :-)


Nafcom said...

Right, this is plain stupid!

Anonymous said...

Right, this is plain rumors and speculations

Jean Mercier said...

It is speculation!
But ... why are they not entitled to the prizes Claudius?
Perhaps you know better?

phil said...

Cute, Jean! As far as I know, the Skype Journal people are indeed eligble for prizes.

As for independence, Skype Journal doesn't have a business relationship with Skype. Bill is active in their private beta program, which is uncompensated although I believe some directly related travel expenses are reimbursed or prepaid. If our relationship with Skype changes, we'll be sure to disclose it.

Meanwhile, what better way to get the skinny on Skype than from Skype people?