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Two known blogs on Skype picked up my previous post or the information in my blog and made some own changes or interpretations.

See Russel Shaw here: Skype call trend lines are changing: here’s what this means

And Skype Journal here: 12 Million Online - New Peak on 18 February 2008
Correction on one of these posts we did reach 12 million on Monday 18 February, not on Sunday 18 February.

And, thanks for the compliments Russel :-)


ONLYEBAY said...

I think you may need a buy a more reliable calendar:)

18th of February was, in fact, a Monday. And that is the day Skype reached 12 million users.

And it was 42 days.

Jean Mercier said...


I should take some time to think before reacting. Indeed i was right, but overreacted! Hectic professional life the last weeks, makes me think too hectic ;-)