And the new President is ...

Today, finally: EBay names Silverman chief executive of Skype.

And he presents himself on the Skype Blog: A few words from Skype's incoming CEO. Here some bits of his phrases:
  • On March 24, I’ll step aboard
  • one of the most rapidly-adopted technologies in human history
  • With my wife and kids about to begin their adventure in Estonia
  • I don’t yet have the right to expect your enthusiastic two thumbs up. But as we go further on this journey together, I plan to earn it.
And my comments on his blogpost:
  • March 24? This means this is a well planned move
  • Let Skype be modest: it isn’t a new technology (P2P existed, and phoning through the computer was already possible before with MSN for instance), therefore i restate: Skype is one of the most rapidly adopted software in recent history, and it will probably NOT enter human history like the boomerang or the steam machine!
  • Aha, he moves with his family to Estonia … therefore headquarter stays in Europe!
  • I like the last phrase: it seems he is modest, but he is ambitious, and has plans (or will still make them) for the long term.
Two more feelings i have:
  • Probably Skype will not be sold in the near future (i am quite surprised, i thought it would).
  • It is good to see a CEO make comments on the company blog, and apparently he plans to continue to do this: therefore, thumbs up!
Skype isn't my ship, i am not the captain, not even the crew, i am only a fairly happy passenger, but anyway ... welcome on board Josh!


Anonymous said...

Interesting that he's moving to Estonia? Wonder what's going to happen with the current London HQ?

Jean Mercier said...

I believe this is a good move: it is there that they created Skype and there that they still develop the software!