12 million in record time!

Yesterday Skype reached around 19h GMT 12 million concurrent users online, this for the first time ever. It went from 11 to 12 million in 42 days.This is an absolute speed record. The previous record million “speed” was 63 days in March 2006.

It is worth to notice that in the past the peaks were somewhere between 16h and 17h GMT. Now it occurs about two hours later. This shows a recent growth in the Americas. Or, in other words, they are catching up with the usage rate of the Europeans.

And when will Asia catch up? When it does, we should see lesser fluctuations of the number of concurrent users online between day and night, or at least a change in the patterns of the curve. If you want to see these daily fluctuations, make a jump at the very nice graphs of http://nyanyan.to.


ONLYEBAY said...

Hey Mr Numerology. What's your estimate for concurrent users by the end of 2008? You think we'll be able to keep up this growth?

Jean Mercier said...

Hey mister Not Only Ebay, you ask me to change my job in Astrologist ;-)

Let me make a guess: 15 million peak by the end of the year?

But, a lot will depend on the future strategy of Skype and the New "long awaited for" CEO!