Where is the Skype soul?

There are official Skype blogs in 11 different languages. As i speak 5 languages, and also can understand somewhat Italian and German, i checked all these official blogs! For some i even didn't need any understanding: i checked the last post date (the Japanese blog for instance)!

Not one "official Skype blogger" made a comment on the change of their CEO!

I also checked the blogs of some of the “known” Skype beta testers, and the private blogs of some Skype Staff, or at least those i know. Nothing either.

Old CEO gone, new one … No emotions? Not important? No consequences? No soul anymore?

But, the website was adapted!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean! When do you estimate the number of concurrent users of Skype excede 10m? // Jacob

Jean Mercier said...
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Jean Mercier said...

Well, it is now already 2 weeks that i think we will reach it.

So i stop with predictions: i therefore answer: very soon!