10 million, hurrah!

Hurrah, 10 million concurrent users online today! Nice! Fantastic number! See also the announcement on the official Skype Blog.

But, it is anyway a big disappointment for Skype believers. It took “us” 261 days to go from 9 to 10 million. The longest period ever, if we exclude the first million users!

The growth of Skype is clearly slowing down! I am curious about the report of Ebay concerning the last quarter of Skype ??? Will it improve without Niklas Zennström?
Read also this: "Five Reasons Nokia Should Buy Skype From eBay". Interesting point of view of Stephen Wellman! And Nokia is Finnish, Skype is Estonian (at least where the technical staff is located): geographically and culturally very close!


ONLYEBAY said...

Hello Jean,

Finally we reach 10 million. It will be very interesting to see what happens in November with the integration of Skype into the MySpace IM client.

Will we see the concurrent users jump by a few million in in a matter of days? MySpace claims there are 25 million users of their IM software. Presumably they have a few million concurrent users too.

If that is the case, the next million could be the fastest ever for the company...

Is facebook next? So many questions.

Jean Mercier said...

Hello Only Ebay,

I am also very curious about the evolution of Skype through the MySpace deal.

Today we also were almost at 10 million people online, although normally on Thursday we go slightly lower, so my first impression is: indeed a good deal for Skype users online.

But it is still a feeling!

And Facebook could be next indeed!

Anonymous said...

Less than one week after hitting 10 million, it has hit 10.2 million. If the pace continues, it will be over 12 million by the end of the year. Something is clearly happening.

Jean Mercier said...
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Jean Mercier said...

I have to admit i am very surprised to see Skype hitting 10.2 million one week after the 10 million.

If it continues like this: 11 million this year, yes, but NOT 12 million! I would almost bet my head on it!