Skype Revenue

eBay published its quarterly results. Quite good growth for Skype, not what eBay expected when purchasing it, but still … not too bad!

And some good news, like "MySpace to offer free Skype calls" and "Skype goes mobile".

These are the results for quarter 3, 2007 (rounded numbers):
  • 100 million US$ revenue
  • 250 million registered user accounts (total all quarters)
  • 700 million downloads of the Skype client (total all quarters)
  • 10 million concurrent users online at peak time
  • 4 million concurrent users online at “low tide”
  • 0.4 US$ revenue per registered user account
These were facts! Now my guesses or speculations, or whatever you want to call it:
  • 50 million regular or active users
  • or 2 US$ revenue per active user
  • 6 million paying customers
  • therefore 17 US$ revenue per quarter per paying customer
  • or 67 US$ per paying customer per year
I would like to have some more reliable numbers from Skype!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, Do you if Skype has revealed the exact number of Skype to Skype minutes and SkypeOut minutes? Ebay doesn't include these figures in the quarterly report any longer. Ebay used to do that - so my personal guess is that the number of minutes called is in a downward trend. / Andreas

Jean Mercier said...

I read in SkypeJournal.com that there were 7.5 billion minutes called this quarter.

SkypeOut isn't mentioned. I was also surprised not to see the data in the last quarterly report!

Sascha said...

Hi Jean, I have been digging through the financial reports of eBay and have actually found the Skype related cost and and related segment profitability numbers. I am not sure whether this is news to the community but I hadn't seen profitability numbers before on any of the Skype blogs. The margins look pretty slim. (All numbers rounded USD million)

05-Q4 06-Q1 06-Q2 06-Q3 06-Q4 07-Q1 07-Q2 07-Q3
Revenues 25 35 44 50 66 79 90 98
Direct Cost 26 44 52 60 67 75 80 84
Direct Contribution -1 -9 -8 -10 -1 3 9 14

Jean Mercier said...

Hello "S",

thanks a lot, your numbers seem to be correct, i checked some of them!

Thanks for the help!

Sascha said...


I am actually writing a case about the Ebay/Skype acquisition to be used as a teaching instrument in Business Schools. Your page has been a tremendous resource for finding relevant information.



PS: Draft versions of the cases are available at userwww.service.emory.edu/~vsascha/

Jean Mercier said...

Thanks Sascha!