Webt@lker 100

It is not my habit to discuss the hardware i use or test. But when you receive something for free, and it is good, then why not.

I participated in a contest on the site of Topcom and won a webtalker 100. It is a wired USB phone. I don’t understand why it is not clearly mentioned on the package that it also works with other voice over internet applications. Strange, it would somehow augment their sales.

I installed the software (not needed for the basic functions) and tried the phone.

Well, i wasn’t disappointed:
  • Nice design
  • Very easy to install
  • It works with other voice applications like MSN
  • the speed dialing function works (only after installing the software)
To be honest, i will not continue to use it: i prefer my headphone on my head, because i have my both hands free to continue working with my computer while talking. But it will certainly please all the people who hate the headphone and want a simple easy to use USB phone. I know already to whom i will give it away ;-)

*the picture is the phone in its original package on top of the “congratulations letter” I received.