Is SkypePro a succes?

I don’t think that it is an overwhelming success. But of course i don’t know the financial objectives of Skype concerning SkypePro. Some days ago i thought: if it is a success, and as it includes free voicemail, there should be a lot of people with voicemail now. Pity I didn’t think about this before the official launch, i could have compared the situation before and after.

I have 155 contact, and i looked how many have voicemail. I looked very late at night when most Europeans are in bed (and I wasn’t ;-). Here the results:

The 8.5 % people with voicemail in the last line of my table should be seen in view of my “not statistically sound sample of contacts”. Indeed I have quite some “famous Skypers and even two Skype Staff” in my contact list, and some of them have already since quite a long time voicemail or SkypeIn numbers with included voicemail.

In my other contacts, only 1 (one!) has voicemail, and I think he hadn’t before. So, in my opinion less then 1% of the active Skype Users “bought Skype Pro”.

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