Skype version 3.2

I already blogged on this, but the updates of the Skype client for Windows is ALWAYS on a Wednesday since June last year!

Today they released a new version with quite a lot of new features, but i didn’t test yet (lack of time … management):
Change log version Beta
  • feature: Send Money
  • feature: Skype's own audio codec
  • feature: Skype improved conference mixer
  • feature: Skype Jitter Buffer and concealment
  • feature: Skype audio preprocessing components
  • feature: Account in Client
  • feature: Import Contacts from MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! and GMail added
  • feature: Multi-Device presence
  • feature: Myself Capture
  • feature: Call Quality feedback in client
  • feature: Voice Mail playback pauses Winamp

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