Asia versus USA & Europe

Discussions go on if the number of Asian Skype Users is growing faster than Europeans or Americans. I had a discussion this afternoon with Hudson on this topic. What is better than a graph? I compared “concurrent users online” for two dates in 2006, with a date in 2005. See below … (Thanks to nyanyan.to for the data of today).

On the superposed graphs you can see that when Europeans and Americans are sleeping the number of Asians awake and using Skype is much lower!

In my opinion the proportional growth of concurrent users online in the different continents are about the same as in the past! However, the proportion of highest number of users online divided by lowest seems to have decreased somewhat, see the next table.

In absolute numbers, the graphs above seem to demonstrate that Europe continues to grow faster than other continents!

And again on a Wednesday: a new Skype client version!

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