New 2.6 beta released today

A new beta version of Skype was released today, see this link .

Only for experienced users, but i believe most of the major bugs were removed.

Next release of an update: September 20 and/or September 27!

And i bet once they release a non-beta version it will be renamed in Skype 3.0.

Believe me, i have no insider information and could be totally wrong. But i will explain why i say September 20 and/or September 27 in an upcoming blog, even if i was wrong!


Anonymous said...

oe est in uustakker, joengene ? zijde nog noar de blessinge van de heilige maria moagd gewiest de loatsen tijd ? :)

Jean Mercier said...

On the title bar of this blog i said you can post in English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese, but ...