I lost the Monopoly!

No, not that “old” money game! I remember i was good at it. This post goes about Skype numbers. Believe me!

I was wandering around at the share.skype.com part of the website at the third party soft- and hardware developments. There are Japanese entries there. Why is there “for God’s sake” a special Japanese part there? What is so special about Japanese soft- and hardware?

I anyway continued to click and reached the screen below. Would you have continued to scroll down unless you read Japanese? Usually i don’t, yesterday i did!
So i scrolled down. And then suddenly my sharp eye ;-) fell on the recognizable image on the right side! A real marvel! But i lost my monopoly. I thought the whole Skype World was depending on me for numbers and graphs, and be happy folks! You don’t have to ask me anymore: “Hey Jean, when do you publish an update of the numbers”.
I can therefore stop my blog today :-(


Helen Varras said...

Don't you dare..... For the non-Japanese readers (and believe me, thare are billions) you remain important!!

Anonymous said...

Jean please do not do this, do not close this blog, your blog is important, I read it (like Ike's blog actually) daily! :)