The Crystal Ball

I pretended some posts back that i could guess quite well the next Skype for Windows release dates. Let me explain …
The next table - except for the red row - shows the past version numbers, release day and date, and the number of days between each release.
As you can see, since the beginning of July, releases were always on a Wednesday, with 7 or 14 days between each release!

Therefore, i pretend - see the red row in the table - that the next release of a new Windows Skype client will be next Wednesday, and i even make a Crystal Ball guess: the version number will be 3.0!

If i am twice right, i will change my profession, and will become a fortune-teller ;-)

Again: i have no insider information and could be completely wrong! In that case i will keep my present position as a management consultant! I hope that no Skype Staff will read this, so that they can’t alter the course of History!


ONLYEBAY said...

Lets see if you are right!

Jean Mercier said...

I don't care if i am wrong!

The brain exercise is the funny part of it.

But i would like to be right of course! :-)

ONLYEBAY said...

Nice one. I was starting to have my doubts but well done!

Jean Mercier said...

Bad one, i was 50% wrong! ;-)