Stuck @ 30 million!

The year ends with a Skype disappointment for me, but let's remind first about some numbers and facts all provided by Skype itself, mostly in October:
  • Skype is now Microsoft
  • Integration of Skype & FaceBook
  • 300 million minutes of video calls per day
  • 700 million minutes of free calls per day
  • 65 million people sign in every day
The last number is interesting, because this gives an idea about how many real Skype users there are in the world.

But, there is also « bad » news : for the first time ever since 2004 Skype didn't cross a « million milestone » of users online in the period September to December. In May Skype crossed the 30 million simultaneous people online, and it got stuck around that number ! I don't understand why ...
Graph from the Japanese site « http://skmap.gatagata.jp/ ».


Unknown said...

Hi, just a thought: one of the reasons of the lack of further growth to the number of online users could be that Mac users have progressively lost interest in Skype as a result of the introduction of the (horrible) Skype 5.0 GUI. They are switching to iChat, Google Talk and Facetime/iMessage as partial alternatives to Skype. It would be interesting to see the number of access to Skype as a function of the OS used.

Jean Mercier said...

Hello Raffaele,
Perhaps you have a point there, but I don't have the Skype users for each distinct OS.
Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Leo said...

thanks Jean for your interesting number. Just curious about how do you get the 65 million people sign in every day? thanks a lot

Jean Mercier said...

Well Leo, this is a number provided by Skype itself!

By the way, today we went over 35 million users online!

Leo said...

thanks Jean :)