What happens with Skype? The last weeks there is a strange behavior with the downloads. Sometimes, during hours, often half a day to more than one day (see the blue curve) it gets like stuck! The mean number of downloads was as low as 270 per minute, while usually it is around 2000 downloads per minute. Is it because they were working on a new version?
Anyway, there is some other reason for concern. End of March we reached the record of 30 million concurrent users online (people being online at the same moment). Every Northern Hemisphere summer there is a decrease of concurrent users online, perhaps because people spend less time in front of the stupid computer screen, and drink a beer in their garden (or other similar reasons, like Holidays).
But, it is now October 1, and still no new record (see the red curve). Should we be worried? Perhaps not. It happened also last year, and in 2007.
A reason for the “not growing online people” could be version 5.5 of the Windows client! The Skype window itself and the Skype home popped up when starting Skype: I know several people who switched Skype off because of this irritating behavior.
I downloaded version 5.6 yesterday, and hurrah, Skypes starts in a “friendly” way again, with only its characteristic whizzing sound.
(The graph above comes from the fantastic Japanese site @ http://nyanyan.to)


Lucy Brown said...

Hi there, just looking at your blog as I am doing my university assignment on Skype and it has some very useful charts and graphs, and I am just wondering where you got these from as I need to reference them? Thanks, Lucy Brown

Jean Mercier said...

Hey Lucy,
Quite some charts are made by myself, especially those with revenues, growth, etc. Mostly with blue dots and a grey background.

The "users online" chart in this post is based on a Japanese site (the reference is in the post), but the data comes from a Skype RSS feed (or in other words a website that updates the data regularly).

The opinions and explanations are my own of course.

Jean Mercier said...


I checked my blog, and almost always, when the graph or chart is not mine, I mention it in the text. In the other cases, the graph or chart is mine. The data comes always from publicly available sources, be it Skype or other sources.