Skype to Skype minutes

These are the minutes that do not generate revenue, the free minutes, the ones I love most (of course) and that allow me to speak (with video) for free with my son in Brazil!
Comments? Only that the growth is accelerating!


Rob said...

Hi Jean, does that mean that skype had 6341,95 (free) calls per second in average in 2010? Thanks

Rob said...

I meant 6341 NEW calls per second

Jean Mercier said...

Hey Rob,
Not really NEW, it means that there are 6342 minutes of free Skype to Skype calls per second, or, and this in an interesting conclusion I never thought about - thanks for the hint - about 6342 people were calling at the same moment!
But it could be people who were already in a call since quite some minutes. Therefore your first statement seems to be right.

neo said...

Where is this graph from? Telegeography says that Skype-to-Skype was 102 billion minutes in 2010.