20 million active Chinese Skype Users?

In the latest results published by Skype on March 04 I found the following interesting phrase :
Our registered user number includes users who registered through their MySpace account and excludes users that have registered on Skype through our investment to address the Chinese market, Tel-Online Limited”.

I happen to have the numbers published the previous years, and (unless Alzheimer caught me) I never remembered that they said “excluded the Chinese”!
There is indeed a difference in the numbers I kept and the new published numbers, see the table on the left. The “middle column “Skype-China” are the latest published numbers. The first column “Skype+China” is what they published in the past. The third column is my calculation of the Chinese users. Surprisingly the growth of the Chinese user accounts between 2008 and 2009 was disappointingly low! Pity they don’t publish the 2010 Skype account numbers included Chinese users. See also the graph below.Could this mean there were only 100 million Chinese Skype accounts created, and that therefore there are probably less than 20 million active users? Quite a disappointment compared to the population of China!

(this post has been edited to add 2006 numbers, because Skype published 2007 numbers with growth % compared to 2006).

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Unknown said...

I wonder how these number stack up against numbers now in August of 2014. I talk to many of my Chinese friends with Skype.