Real wedding of a virtual contact

For us Belgians, the Dutch province Friesland is about the End of the World. Yesterday I went there for the first time of my life to “really” meet one of my “virtual” Skype contacts for the first time in the 4 years that we know each other. And it wasn’t an ordinary visit: I got an invitation for her wedding (yes, it is a woman).Ike is one of the few persons who fell in love with Skype, became a Skype Forum contributor, then got the Super User recognition from Skype, got promoted to Forum Moderator, and finally works now for Skype! You can read part of her story on her own blog.

It was a very beautiful wedding. Tjep, her husband, is a very nice man with – just alike Ike – a huge sense of humor. Only the Gods were angry, because it rained quite a lot. But, probably they were jealous!

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Helen Varras said...

Jean, thank you for being at our wedding. I know, you told us not to say this again but this time it is in writing!!

The rain did not spoil our wedding but we will never forget how you prefered to camp in your little tent in the Friesian countryside despite the rain coming down like a waterfall....

You are in our hearts and a special friendship is still growing.


Tjep en Ike