18 million online at the same time

The best measure of the growth of Skype users is still the top "concurrent users online". After the "usual summer recession", we finally reached today a new top of 18 million concurrent users online at about 16h GMT.
I am really happy to see that Skype is still growing as expected.


Anonymous said...

I'm an avid fan of Skype and spend many evenings online.

One quirky issue I have noticed with current users online is there is a discrepancy between the numbers displayed in various countries (in my case Israel, South Africa, England and Germany).

Why is this????

Jean Mercier said...

Well, you should know that Skype works in a peer-to-peer network (no servers involved once your password is known in your computer). Therefore, the calculation of people online is done IN your Skype client. And the calculation is an approximation. The client updates the information every 10 minutes or something like that.

So, depending on when you logged in, and the amount of contacts you have and probably other factors that i don't know, the claculation is different from one user to another and is always a "best guess"!