Soon more numbers

This morning, before looking at my computer, i read the "Skype IPO" in my Flemish Financial Newspaper.

Only two comments:
  1. They soon WILL HAVE to provide more numbers.
  2. They still FALSELY claim that they have more than 400 million users.
NO, NO, NO, i will repeat what i commented several times in the past: they probably have about only 40 million real active unique living users. But yes, there are more than 400 million registered user NAMES, quite a difference!


Anonymous said...

you have go to be the biggest whinner I have ever heard. Are you from Seattle or something?

FBD London said...

Hi there
Would you by any chance have any stats on Skype usage in Russia, specifically the proportion that use video for Skype calls? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jean Mercier said...

Do you mean "whiner" instead of "whinner"? You can read in my profile where i am from, but not from Seattle! Where are you from? Probably you are from a place where they only read the "official state owned newspaper" and where everybody believes what it reads. Your problem.

Jean Mercier said...


No i don't have detailed statistics per country. I would love too!

I only have the data that is provided by Skype, and other sources available on internet.