Download counter working again?

The results of the Skype RSS feed of total downloads of the Skype application according to the RSS feed of Skype:
  1. March 17: Total downloads = 1,168,075,188
  2. March 17: RSS feed stuck at the above-mentioned number until March 27
  3. March 27: Total downloads = about 500,000,000 during some hours
  4. March 27: Correction to about 630,000,000 downloads
  5. April 13: Sudden jump to a little bit less than 1,338,000,000 downloads
See the graph.
I think they messed it up at Skype. If the numbers are right, it means that between March 17 and April 13 they had an increase of about 170,000,000 downloads or a mean speed of 4374 downloads per minute!
I don’t believe this, because I personally NEVER saw such a high download speed (I don’t say it never happened for very short time spans however!) The total number of downloads is still wrong in my opinion.

Why worry? Well I don’t! The total number of downloads is as useless as the total number of registered usernames (you know, the 450 million usernames that Skype likes to claim they have). What would be useful, is to know how many Skype clients are “active” or used!

So, why do I follow that number anyway? From the number of downloads, you can derive the download SPEED. And THIS is interesting. Because increases in the download speed could indicate that something is happening!
As you can see I have noticed occasional downloads of 3500 per minute. But, the last years the speed has mainly been around 600 downloads per minute. Therefore every speed above 1000 catches my attention.

The last weeks have been quite interesting in this regard with speeds as high as 2400 downloads per minute. Indeed, there have been interesting announcements: Skype for SIP, and especially the Skype for iPhone!


Unknown said...

Hi Jean,

Very interesting post.

I'm looking for Skype downloads historical information (both aggregate downloads and rate of download) for 2008 and YTD in 2009.

Any suggestions on where I can get the raw data?


Jean Mercier said...

Hello Raghu,

It isn't the first time i blog about the downloads, so you can find more information on my blog.

If you need raw data, i can give you my Excel file with my samples of data. So, provide me with an e-mail adress if you like.

Unknown said...

Hi Jean,

Thanks for that.

My email is Raghu.Kota.WG02(at) wharton.upenn.edu

I am looking for the raw data for total Skype downloads, and number of concurrent (active?) users. It'll be great to get the data going back to 2007.

Thanks again for your help.