Spain doubles users in 2007

I read the following in TelecomPaper: Skype doubles Spanish users in 2007; counts 4.8 mln.

As usual, let me correct this statement: they mean “registered user names”, not "registered users", and this isn't equal to "active users".

Like i do usually, let us assume the numbers are however correct, this would mean that:
  • 1.8 % of the active Worldwide Skypers are from Spain
  • 12 % of the population of Spain are Skypers
  • 18 % of the “active” population of Spain are Skypers (discounting people older than 65 years, and younger than 15 years)
  • 26 % of Spanish internet users are Skypers
Bear in mind that the second, third and fourth numbers above are very exaggerated. Reasons can be found in my previous post on Chinese data.


Anonymous said...

If you think the reports are exaggerated, then why do you write about the reports to begin with. Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

Jean Mercier said...

Pity to use such a harsh language and staying an anonymous robot.

I have opinions, but at least i am somebody!