Wishes 2015 and what with my blog?

To all my readers and occasional visitors, my best Wishes for 2015.

And a special thought about what happened yesterday in France: everybody should be free to say or write whatever he wants, and everybody has the right to disagree! But not with violence! I too am Charlie!

What about the future of my blog? Well, it is and was always mainly about numbers: users online, downloads, financial data, users by country, calling minutes, number of Skype forum users, …

In the far past, when Skype was still a 100% European company, they published quite a lot of those numbers. Then EBay purchased it, and the information became less frequent, but still interesting and even more financial information than in the past.

Since Microsoft took it over, everything disappeared; even the RSS feed of users online or the users online information in the Skype client! So, blogging about numbers has become almost impossible and this blog is for me no fun anymore.

My concerns and questions about Skype:
  • Mandatory update of the client some months ago! Why?
  • Is it still real peer-to-peer?
  • Is there still a reliable encryption?
  • Possible eavesdropping due to US laws – I hope “Big Brother” is not watching me!
  • Appearance of advertisements in the Skype client
  • "Please note that Skype cannot guarantee that caller identification will always be displayed"
 The last “bullet” is the reason I do not use it anymore to call cell phones or send SMS messages!

For the time being, I leave this blog as it is. If something appears about numbers, and if I am aware (or are made aware by some of my followers) I will do my best to publish it and make some comments.

And let us finish with a something positive note: Skype to Skype calling is still free, including video!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your interesting posts. I come to visit this blog ounce in while. In the last years a good numbers of alternatives were created especially for smartphone. I don't think Skype has anymore the leadership on the marker for free call and videos.

Jean Mercier said...

Thanks for your comment on my "almost dead" blog. :-)

Dace said...

thank you for this interesting blog, very much valuable information, but i did not manage to find what i am interested in. I am looking for an overview of Skype user data per year since first year up to now. Could you help me? Thanks!

Jean Mercier said...

Hey Dace,

I don't know what you mean by "user data", but if you didn't find it on my blog I will not be able to help you. Be aware that since almost two years Microsoft stopped almost all detailed information about Skype users as far as I know.

I had in the past: Skype Users online, Number of Downloads, sometimes minutes called, some financial data, but now ... nothing anymore!

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