Nice to have readers !

Well, of course I blog hoping to have readers! Is this narcissism? Somehow yes ;-) One of my fanatic readers, Steve Schoen from Hawaii gave the link to the following chart. Not my chart! But yes, made by using my data. Thanks Statista! They mentioned it!
Not everybody is that fair! Nice graph by the way!

And, while I am busy with “myself”, The Guardian also commented on one of my last posts, see here. How long will I continue to blog? Well to be honest, I don’t know. Microsoft doesn’t provide separate numbers for the Skype business, not that I know at least. The only source now is the RSS feed of Skype Users Online. Even the Download Counter (on the same feed) has made some unexplainable strange jumps the last months and isn’t reliable anymore for that reason! And my blog is mainly about numbers … so, no numbers, no posts!