Wrong transcript : 1.4 million WHAT ?

I read this title on the web today: What happens online every 60 seconds [Infographic]? They pretend that 1.4 million people connect to Skype every minute.

This would mean that, in a period of 24 hours, if each one of these connections is from different people, 2 billion different users connect every day. With a World population of 7 billion, this doesn’t seem very realistic! And with a maximum of nearly 60 million concurrent users online at peak daytime, it isn’t either.

Of course, several people connect and disconnect several times per day. A more realistic estimate is the Skype estimate of 280 million active users some months ago, see my post of April 7.

So, what is the possible explanation about this 1.4 million number? Well the number is perhaps right, but the transcript is wrong, see the original graph on "Qmee finds out what happens online in 60 seconds". On the pie chart the following is written: “1.4 million Minutes Connecting with Each other” … and this is quite different from the “1.4 million people!”.

Inspiring entrepreneurs wamda? Please do your homework over!

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