55 million concurrent people online

So, again a million ”crossover”, 55 million people, simultaneously online, on Skype ! Nice! Last (Northern Hemisphere) school year we had 11 milestones like this! This was a record.

The vertical lines are NOT January 1 lines, but 20 of August lines. Why this choice? Because in (Northern Hemisphere) summer there is no apparent growth of concurrent users online. How many already this school year, in fact the 10th school year since the launch of Skype? Count for yourself or see the answer below the graph ...

14 million crossovers and end of June is still quite far away! Yes, the Skype user base is still growing!


Unknown said...

Our company is studying the mVoIP-market - and we are looking for information on paying Skype users - dev't on how many users, usage pattern and how many minutes, monthly/yearly spending, share of total Skype-traffic etc. Also share of total mVoIP-traffic is of interest.

Do you have any tips?


Tore Aaronaes
Norsk Telecom AS

Jean Mercier said...

I am NOT Skype staff. All the information I get comes from the internet and the Skype RSS feeds (see link on the right side)!

In the past, when they were still eBay, you could find more details in the Quarterly eBay reports. You can find some numbers from these reports in my blog, but of course, the information is outdated!

I have no more information for you. Be sure that I would publish it if I got more information :-)

Tomoko said...

This is cool!