Two million milestones the same day!

26 million people online at the same time for the first time ever today January 10. I knew it would happen today, because yesterday – although it was a Sunday, and usually a quite calm day – we almost reached 26 million people …
BUT !!!!!! ……
We also reached 27 million people online some minutes ago (around 17h45 GMT). For the first time ever we crossed twice the same day a million milestone!


The Skype user base is indeed still growing fast!

(The data comes from the Skype RSS Feeds, but can also be seen in the "Nyanyan graphs - see links at the right side of this blog - or if you look NOW (18h00 GMT), you can see it in the screen of your Skype client)


Anonymous said...

Users Online Now
Montag, 24. Jänner 2011 19:35

Jean Mercier said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thanks, for the information.

But yes, the 28 million were already reached last week on Monday, and I didn't blog on it!