25 million

25 million people online last Monday, 28 days after the previous milestone. Nice result, still growth of concurrent Skype users online, and the 5th milestone this year. The last months were - in my opinion – deceiving but there still is growth.

In 2009 we crossed 6 times a million milestone.

I don’t think that we will add another million before the end of the year, because there is every year a slowdown of users online in that period, but … who knows.


Anonymous said...

what the total registered number of users for these 25m+? wondering ratio of online-to-total: 1-to-5, 1-to-8, 1-to-10?

Jean Mercier said...

Hello Anonymous,

I think you can find an approximate answer in my Post of May 22, 2010.

But beware, registered users, registered user names or (active) users are all different definitions, and Skype uses often "users" while they mean "registered user names".