Skype and impaired hearing

My father died 2 years ago. He was 80, and was the technology man at home, and e-mailed and googled for my mother.

My mother, 76 now, had to learn to do it! First e-mail and browsing. But she doesn’t hear very well …

My oldest son Stefan, and also her oldest grand-child, moved from Belgium to Brasil and is looking for a job there.

My mother therefore decided to learn how to use Skype, and she bought a webcam.

But, surprisingly, when she needs to call me, she also uses Skype instead of her cell phone or landline. No, not because it is free, but, because of the webcam and her impaired hearing.

Her explanation is: she understands better with Skype and webcam because she sees the movement of the lips of the person.

My explanation: the sound quality is often much better.

Probably both factors play a role in her perception of "better understanding".

Nice side effect of Skype!

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Nafcom said...

I agree here! I don't have impaired hearing e.g. but still I understand people better, especially those with a strong accent!