Quarter 2, 2009 results

I don’t blog that often the last months, mainly because I have a lot of professional work. It doesn’t mean that I am not awake and listening to the Skype eco-cloud. And better late than never, but here my last analysis of the Skype Quarter 2 results.

Usernames (not equal to USERS!) grew linearly as in the previous months.
The revenue growth quarter to quarter was in US$ quite stronger than the previous one and in €uro linear! Probably the stronger dollar growth can be explained mainly by exchange rate differences.
The revenue per user name is still quite stable. As I said many times before, and I will continue to repeat this, this is a useless metric. It would be better if we could have the revenue per active user!
Skype to Skype minutes showed again a slightly less fast growth.
SkypeOut minutes showed also and again a lesser growth!

Financially this was a good quarter, in US$. But, I am a little worried about the slower growth of Skype minutes. Is Skype beginning to saturate? I am curious about the growth of users online in September, after the yearly summer recession. Only then I’ll know if my concern is justified.

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