What happens with the Skype numbers?

I am quite worried for my main data sources related to my blog. Skype provides through an RSS-feed “real time” data concerning “Users Online Now” and “Total Skype Downloads”.

Well, some months ago the “Users Online Now” stopped working (it shows 0 users online) and since Tuesday afternoon (somewhere around 13h30 GMT) the cumulative counter of Skype downloads got stuck on 1,168,075,188 downloads.

Downloading isn’t impaired (i tried and succeeded to download), therefore the counter is “broken”. I hope this is a temporary problem, because my blog lives from those numbers.

Anyway, the most important number, being the “Users Online Now” or “People Online” as it is called in the Skype Client is still available through the Skype Client itself in the "Skype Contacts" tab.

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