Google error?

Jan Geirnaert from Malaysia – famous Skype blogger by the way – told me that when searching for the words “jean mercier skype” it gives a strange result:

We tried other keyword (for instance “Jan Geirnaert Skype” or anything else) or even other browsers and it always gave that small warning “This site may harm your computer.”. When you click on the search result you get a special "Malware warning" webpage saying: “Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!” and you get stuck there. Weird. Strange!

No such thing with other search engines. I think they have a temporary problem at Google.

Updated: problem seems to be over!


Anonymous said...


Jean Mercier said...

Hehe, in the meantime indeed we were not the only ones to experience this strange Google bug :-)

Anonymous said...

You probably visited the Belgian site http://users.telenet.be/kixx/
with its "PS: Het scherm niet maximaliseren !!!!!!! " comment, Jean. The unusual visual effect caused it, I guess. The message disappeared after the first re-set.

Jean Mercier said...

No John, i didn't. But look at the link that "Anonymous" did send me, he also had the problem.

Other bloggers also reported the problem.

But it was very temporary!