Hiding and showing avatars?

Today i received at the same time a call and a chat message of an unknown person. Lucky for me, this time it was a “serious” request, and not a “sex chat” request from a girl from Ghana or any other part of the world. Well, Skype has to fine tune its new release if they want to be consequent with themselves .

In the new release of the Skype 3.8 client there is this new “feature”, with this explanation:
In addition, we’ve hidden the avatar by default in incoming authorization requests. Some people have been using images that others don’t find all that pleasing.
But what about “unwanted calls”?
As you can see, the avatar shown in the chat request is hidden by default, but the avatar from the call is shown! Therefore, even for “new callers” they should hide the avatar by default if they want to be consequent!


Nafcom said...

No they should not, it would cut the user's experience even more than it already does!

Jean Mercier said...

Hey NafCom,

I agree with you, they shouldn't, but ... they should be consequent anyway ... or they do it, or they don't.

But, of course, it does cut the user experience: some people will begin to chat or talk because they didn't see the "wrong" avatar and perhaps they wouldn't have started if they had seen it!

Jean Mercier said...

Thanks Ranjali!

Unknown said...