Skype contributed to eBay!

According to eBay …
"Direct contribution consists of net revenues from external customers less direct costs. Direct costs include specific costs of net revenues, sales and marketing expenses, and general and administrative expenses over which segment managers have direct discretionary control …”.

The following graph shows the evolution of the contribution as well in US dollar as in euro (€) quarter per quarter:Skype had a 15% contribution compared to revenue in the last quarter, and 12% for the whole year. Not bad, not spectacular however. But Skype indeed contributed to the eBay revenue in 2007, and this for the first time!

Per registered user account this represents ONLY 0.06 US$ per user for the last quarter (as Skype says in its marketing communication), or per registered user account (as it mentions correctly in the explanation of the data). This is 0.18 US$ for the whole year (2007)!
If we correct this, and only take the estimated “active or real” user (see one of my previous posts here) this number is however quite different: 1.68 US$ or 1.18 € contribution per active user in 2007!

Thanks to Sascha Vitzthum, who made me “discover” this contribution number on the eBay websites.


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hi, great information and insight on your blog! i just listed my first auction on ebay. would you check it out? thanks so much!

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Jean Mercier said...

I regret but i am not active in the eBay community.