Headquarters in New York?

Did Skype move to New York?

Today i checked the RSS feed of Skype for data on number of downloads and users online.

My surprise was this:
9337682 Users Online Now Tue, 10 Apr 2007 10:15:01 -0400

This is New York time!

In the past the time was mentioned in GMT +0!

By the way, 9337682 concurrent users online is the highest number i ever saw. Therefore Skype is still growing ... slowly!


Nafcom said...

Yeah, they are about to crack the 10 millions! =)

Jean Mercier said...

Not very soon Jörg, not in the next 4 weeks at the slow growing speed they have now!

Nafcom said...

@Jean: Remembers me of Rumsfeld: "slow down, slow down, I am an old man"...