Why I don't ... SkypeFind?

Yesterday i came across a post of Jaanus Kase on SkypeFind. I will copy a small part of his comments here:

... I suspect that ... Skype people think of Find only as a vehicle for generating more SkypeOut calls. (This seems also to be the reason behind why you can’t put a Skype Name for a business, only a SkypeOut number.) I don’t think this is very smart.

I also posted some comments on SkypeFind some months ago here.

Jaanus is not an ordinary Skype blogger like myself: he was Skype Staff until May 30! And he confirms some of my suspicions!

Skype should focus on added value for the customer, of course WITH a revenue objective, not the other way around: money, money, money, with a lot of wasted developers energy in small worthless features!

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