Video in the mood? Bah!

In the 3.5 beta version you can add a video clip in your mood. I tested it. Not YouTube yet, but Metacafe and Dailymotion. OK, it is funny, and it seems to work!

But what is it good for? Will this attract new customers? I doubt about it! Will this generate more income for Skype? Probably: they have probably a commercial deal with the above mentioned sites. Beware that on Metacafe i had sometimes disgusting surprises: windows popping up telling me that my computer should be scanned for some "diseases"!

On the Skype Blog, there are (today) about 10 comments on the announcement of the new 3.5 version. Two of these are “out of topic”. I picked up parts of the phrases in each one of the remaining 8 comments:

  • I'd like a lite version of Skype
  • Agreed. Why is the Skype install now larger than MSN Messenger?
  • No, keep going SKYPE! More … but yes, I also agree with the others: Make a LITE version!
  • Simplicity was one of the reasons why Skype became so popular!
  • a light version would be wonderful
  • I welcome more features
  • with the exception of the file size I am having no problem
  • It sounds like advertisement!!!
EDITED: And then i found the following comment from reader Walter Adamson of Skype Journal:
they have forgotten the basics while they rush off developing new "mood" features and the like, such as the features which dominate release 3.5

Time to listen to the customers Skype! Most existing customers don’t like it!

EDITED ON JULY 30: see the reaction of Villu Arak of the official Skype blog here

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