Skype is fubar!

Yesterday i downloaded the latest Skype Beta version, like always available on a Wednesday by the way! Well, my advice is: DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!

Vincent, a Skype Staff asked me "What kind of "advertising" bothers you in Skype?". OK, Vincent, here you have some more ... go to TOOLS -> OPTIONS -> NOTIFICATIONS -> ALERTS AND MESSAGES!

Although i unticked a long time ago Help, Skype Tips and Promotions, here they are again, with ALERTS! What the heck? Alerts???????

I will leave it "on", just to experience what they will dare to send me, but in the meantime, my answer to Skype Marketing Staff concerning these unwanted advertising messages is:(Nothing personal against you Vincent! ;-)

And i take two weeks holidays, without internet, therefore no Skype, and no blog!


Filiep said...

Completely agree.
I stopped upgrading after version 3.1 (actually my current version is 3.0 as it doesn't have the extra account-info line).
All later versions getting cluttered with annoying revenue-generators for skype:
* change in icon-color and display order for offline forwarding contacts
* pop-ups and adds as described in this blog-item.

if you need an old version: oldverison.com or oldapps.com can get you a previous skype install program !

Anonymous said...

lol. who cares if there are a few alerts and icon changes in newer versions. Its a small price to pay for the additional functionality and voice quality of the newest versions.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprise they still call you a friend of Skype with words and gestures like that.

Anonymous said...

anonymous: icon changes actually DO cost money indeed: forwarded Skype-out calls charged to mobile phones in Europe don't come cheaply.
I experienced first hand how my Skype-bill went up after people who thought I was online got re-routed to my cellphone - on my expense of course.

Vincent said...

Your words are harsh, out of proportions. These alerts are not big banner advertisements, simple alerts that can be deactivated.

I'm not sure they should stop anybody for using the latest release, which also includes fixes and improvements.

Speaking for myself, not for Skype here: I accept all criticism for our products, but this is just unfair bashing.

Anonymous said...

Ehh.... Is it really true that the voice quality is better in the latest version of Skype? Personally, I have had some problem (such as delays and even software crashes) when dialing Skype-Out calls in the post 3.0 versions. So I decided to stick to 3.0, and that works fine for me.

Vincent said...

Some info on the Free411 thing:

Anonymous said...

it's true that Skype kind of lost its original direction since the ebay takeover.
Skype used to be a great tool for (video)calling people around the globe, with free pc-to-pc and cheap inward and outward connections from/to landlines. A great concept.

Since then we've seen connection fees, increases in skype-in rates, a huge slow-down in skype-in roll-out (only few countries added since the initial 10 from 2(two!) years ago)
All the 'new and improved' features are not adding to the initial concept: SendMoney, SkypePrime, Pro, who is waiting for those kind of things?

To be a little more constructive:
Maybe it's time for Skype to make a 'Lite' version of the client that does just calling and messaging - that's it, no frills, low memory-use, not a screen full of buttons and tabs. (I'm thinking more the layout of Skype 2.x)
The full version can then have all the bells and whistles, banners and pop-ups and 'premium' 'pro' or 'prime' stuff you want to pay back the ebay acquisition bill.
For the ones who don't want all those extra's just give us plain simple quality calls, convenience at a low cost, and you have a winner just there.

Anonymous said...

That's it, folks! Skype is not growing anymore, it is actually getting smaller in most numbers (only the number usernames is increasing, but at a lower rate than before) According to the Ebay q2 report, Skype to Skype calls are at a 0 percent year-to-year growth, implying that the number of minutes have been shrinking for three consecutive quarters. Skype-Out minutes are acutally lower today that three quarters ago (down from 1.5 to 1.3 billion). See the report at ebay.com or a summary at http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/ebay/56926387x0x120015/c6727c14-8d03-4eb6-ac66-276c7f04b450/eBay_Q207EarningsSlidesFINAL.pdf

Jean Mercier said...

Well well, two weeks Holidays for me, and that many comments on my last post ... i feel honored!

I agree my words were not very "friendly" or even "harsh", but i am not a Skype Staff like Vincent.

I tell my opinion as a Simple Skype User.

From the comments i got here, it seems i am not alone to complain. So, Vincent or other Skype Staff, listen to your customers (old like myself or new ones): if they disagree with the evolution of Skype they will not promote it as fiercely as before ... therefore NO VIRAL GROWTH anymore!

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