SPAM invasion on my blog

My blog got three comments in the last 24 hours: one "real" comment and two SPAM!

Strange, the first one was full of publicity for PayPal, and full of links to the official PayPall site. The English language was good! I deleted it! CRAP!

The other one has something to do with Skype Prime, isn't linked to Skype, and tries to sell some services. The English language is bad (mine is better, i hope). I took one sentence out of the website:

"our site is just started and may be contains a bugs, which we will fast fix if you will post them via this form".

If i could i would post a lot of bugs to their site! I didn't delete it, because it is too funny! But it is anyhow annoying.

[EDITED] I will apologize here publicly about my comment above concerning PrimeSkype. This was indeed a misunderstanding, due to the receiving of some other BlogSpam. This site, and the message were not spam, and i don't have any problem with somebody not speaking very well English ... i only wanted indeed to ridicule a spammer, and it wasn't :-(


Ivan said...

Dear Jean,
I'm an owner of this primeskype.com site.
I not agreed with you -
1. I not try to sell services - membership on site is free.
2. You English is better than my - and you are publicly ridicule me. Go Jean, you are the best and I is nothing.

I'm sure that this comment will be banned, but hope that not.

At any case there is contact information on site and you could send me a mail to ridicule me in private way.

I think - Don't say anything if you don't have something to say.
You could just delete the comment, but you decide to show that your English is better than my - I APPLAUSE FOR YOU.

Best Regards,
Ivan Veretelnyk - most bad English speaker.

Jean Mercier said...


I apologize, and appreciate the effort you make in English, but i really thought you were a Spammer!

I hope you accept the excuses.


Ivan said...

Jean, I see you is GOOD man.
Please accept my apology for the rude tone.
I'm not spammer :) I just trying to let peoples know that my site is exist and posted comment at related topic.

At next time I will try to fix grammar errors at site with native language speaker.
Current version - it my own bag English :)

Jean Mercier said...

Don't worry about the rude tone, i deserved it!

I am happy you accepted the excuses :-)