SMS setup = €

Some days ago Skype warned me that on one of my spare accounts my Skype Credit balance would expire (because i didn't use it for almost 6 months).

I had some 13 € cents left, and i had an SMS to send to one of my sons, so i thought: “ok, lets spend the money to that”. But i wanted my son to “identify me by my mobile number”! Therefore I had to go through the following steps in the Skype client:

TOOLS -> OPTIONS -> CHATS & SMS -> SMS SETTINGS -> VERIFY YOUR MOBILE NUMBER -> “enter your mobile number” -> "wait for a code send to you by SMS" -> "enter the code" -> READY

This worked as a charm, within seconds i received the code! Great!

Then i went to the SMS window of the Skype client, prepared the SMS and pushed on the button SEND and ...This was strange: € 0.13 credit left, the message costs € 0.106 to send and message not sent because “not enough credit left”. I looked twice, then a third time, tried to understand, tried again to send the SMS, etc. NO WAY!

Then after some minutes i indeed saw that my credit had gone down to € 0.02. I signed in to my account page to check if the SMS to my son had been charged for, and then i understood:The mobile number showed here is my own mobile number. Skype charged me the price of an SMS for sending me the “code”. And indeed, it is announced in the set-up window that i would be charged the standard price for an SMS, but i didn’t notice it! Therefore my fault!

But anyway: some improvement work for Skype! The update of the credit left is too slow compared to the speed of spending the money!

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