Call forwarding = € or $

You can forward your Skype calls when you are offline or away. And ... it can be completely free! Continue reading ...
Follow the next steps in the Skype client:
It says “You will need $$$$ to forward calls”?

If you click further … -> CALL FORWARDING OPTIONSIt says now “enter phone number” and “you need to purchase Skype credit

This is NOT true! Skype forgets to mention that you can also forward calls to another Skype account, and this is COMPLETELY FREE! Just put the Skype account name in the field where you would put a telephone number!

What is this good for? Two - among many other - possibilities:
  • you have a computer downstairs and another upstairs, each running different accounts; you can forward calls from one computer to another.
  • you have a Skype account at work and another at home. You could forward your home calls to your work account.
I think Skype should change the messages in the Skype client: “You can forward calls to phone numbers, voicemails or other Skype accounts”!


Anonymous said...

nice post..now to think of it, skype didn't mention that you can't have another account so it is possible to forward calls to your another Skype account...
but anyway, if you're interested check out Number Garage it is an easy-to-use website that allows you to keep phone number forever, even if you don't have phone service, and you can port and use the number to forward calls in your landline or mobile phone.

Jean Mercier said...

Thanks for the comment Nicole. Interesting the Number Garage solution, but only for the USA I think!