Users Birthday Present

Ooooooh surprise: much faster than I thought, 7.000.000 concurrent users online today, see the screenshot of "Stony" from Austria taken at 15h40 GMT+2:

He was faster then me to capture it :-(

This is really a fantastic Birthday present for Skype from its users!

Some history, with the days between each “million” milestone in the third column:
It seems erratic, but it isn’t! Twice it shows 155 days (a casualty) between millions, but twice a Northern Hemisphere summer period slowdown in the middle! It is hotter, people work less, are more outside, have vacations, etc.

And now: when the 10 million concurrent users online? Could well be before the End of the Year! :-)


Ike Roelfsema said...

A nailbiting event Jean, with Stony being extremely quick!
Thanks to both of you it is captured and blogged for eternity ;-)

Jean Mercier said...

Thanks for your sarcasm Ike. Without your help i wouldn't have published that fast!

I don't believe in eternity, even not for Skype!