Download counter down again and again!

Really a pity for me "Skype Numerologist" as my friend Bill Campbell (another crazy Skype user) called me a long time ago. But the download counter is down again (the blue curve on the graph below).I can however tell you that in the time-span February 22 till yesterday March 21, there were about:
  • 1200 downloads of the Skype client per minute;
  • 45 million downloads in one month.
Strange anyway, that the counter stops working after exactly one month!

(Graph thanks to the Japanese site Nyanyan - see link on the right side)


Unknown said...

And up again!

BTW, we had 30 millions online recently...

Jean Mercier said...

Hello m.

Yes, I saw the counter was up, and yes I saw "we" reached 30 million. But I had a very busy week, therefore I didn't blog.

Thanks anyway for the information.