Skype growth and blow :-(

Last week October 25, finally, Skype passed another million « concurrent users online » milestone, and reached a peak above 24 million.

Hurrah? Not really! If we forget the first year (2003-2004) this is the second longest period between million milestones: 231 days to go from 23 to 24 million! The last time was in March, after only 49 days, and the previous one was January with only one week between a million.
It looks like competition of Google, Apple and cheaper prices of telephone companies is slowing down the growth of Skype.

Is this the reason that they “killed” two third party developers?
Read about this in Skype Journal: Skype Fring’d Nimbuzz: Another blow to Skype’s developer program.

In the past they killed video add-on developers (Spontania and vSkype), by launching their own video call feature. And they also stole the “birthday warning” idea from other add-on developers, among them the fantastic Pamela Skype toolbox. If I were a developer, I wouldn’t trust Skype anymore!

Where are you going, Skype?


Doot said...

Just curious.

Are the records cracked at around the same time of day each time?

What is the busiest window for skype?

Jean Mercier said...

Hello Doot,

Just click on the "Nyanyan" links on the upper right part of my blog, and you will probably find the answer to your question.

There is a peak at "evening time" GMT and a very low level in the middle of the night GMT. Monday is usually the strongest day, and Saturday and Sunday are quite lower than other days.

Anonymous said...

we are up to 26mil already

Jean Mercier said...

Thanks Anonymous, indeed!