users, user accounts or user names?

Literally taken from the publication of the third quarter results of Skype:
Skype added 32 million registered users(1) in the quarter, ending the period with more than 370 million registered users around the world.

(1) Cumulative number of unique user accounts, which includes users who may have registered via non-Skype based websites. Users may register more than once, and as a result, may have more than one account.

When will eBay publish the Skype active users? They do it at least for their eBay customers (literally taken from their SEC filings):
Key Operating Metrics and Financial Performance
Members of our senior management team regularly review key operating metrics such as active users, listings, Gross Merchandise Volume (“GMV”), net Total Payment Volume (“TPV”), transaction loss rates, Skype registered users and SkypeOut minutes


Tropicaljantie said...

see also my comments... I guess at the Skype Lucky User Number Casino everybody wins cumulatively. 370 or 340 cumulative million Skype users. Lucky draw of the day... You can't loose like this.

I find that the presentation of these figures misleads the public into believe there are 380 million users. This is a corporate marketing lie and gods knows why they are doing it. If it is to keep the investors interested, or if it is to keep the public thinking there are so many skype users, then it is worse than I thought. I would call figure misleading advertising. It should be removed. ebay and skype should apologize for such behaviour.


Jean Mercier said...

Hey Jan,

I am also convinced that this is deliberate lying to attract new customers and investors.

It is a shame!

Tropicaljantie said...

yeah well. many will do anything for the sake of staying in business and convert more users to paying customers. so basically since there are always more users than paying customers, skype / ebay will benefit from projecting the figures in such a way that it's look like there 380 mio user to convert to paying customers... pff. it's getting funny with their cumulative nonsense. I did get a good comment from a person who wishes to remain anonymous and it sounds like this : " That real number should be very, very easy to get to and I don't understand why Skype is not providing it. Skype rule today is One userid = One Credit Card. Therefore, somewhere in their accounting department they know exactly how many unique active credit card accounts or checking accounts or Paypal accounts they have in their books. Drop the ones that have not bought anything for a year and you have a damn good number of Current Paying Customers. Would that be 100% accurate? Not at all. In a multi-member family with one computer always on it is highly likely that multiple members use the same Skype ID and account, for example. But it would be a lot better to track the number of converted paying customers than a cumulative sum of login id's from year zero."

probably very wise words...

source : http://www.skype-gadgets.com/webtown/2008/10/380-million-sky.html#comments

Jean Mercier said...

I would not be surprised that "anonymous brain" is the same person as Jan Geirnaert or Tropicaljantie ;-)

Tropicaljantie said...

Jean, I can assure you that the "anonymous brain" is certainly not me. But it is somebody we both know, probably.

Jean Mercier said...

Wron guess then ;-)