Where is the money?

Which kind of customers is Skype tackling?
  • Small businesses?
  • Adults?
  • Kids and youth?
  • Retired persons?
  • Big businesses?
  • Everybody?
I don’t know, but i belong to the two first categories, and i think Skype is shifting away from my needs!

Would you, as a businessman, download something that showed this …
when changing your avatar? And yes, believe me, i like the “original” avatar function!

The screen above lets you create
  • Klonies
  • Weemees
whatever this is. It isn’t free, and has (for my purposes) NO utility.

I hope for them (Skype) they tackle the right money generating public with their Klomees and Weenies, but i doubt it!


Xen said...

Hi Jean,

I don't know which customers Skype are tackling but I can share that ever since we've launched the Klonies @ Skype back in June 2006, they have been very successful, generating very high download figures.

The ways people manifest individuality in everyday life are essential elements of self identity – the way they dress, the way they wear their hair, etc. People are highly concerned with the way they present themselves to others. In the last few years Avatars have become one of the most common ways on the Web for people to create this identity. Millions of users worldwide already have their alter ego on the Web.

Klonies offer something new that Web avatars cannot do: the ability to create an alter-ego, a cool identity to represent oneself in mobile communications, which for many users has become the dominant means of communication.

Jean Mercier said...

Hello Xen, thanks for your comments.

I am happy for you that the Klonies generate money! Good.

But this doesn't suit my needs, and i think doesn't suit the needs of quite a lot of people like me (my generation?).

Anyway, perhaps i am old-fashioned ;-)

Anonymous said...


milion downloads of Klonies show a market need but, Comverse haven't managed to translate the downloads into $$$.